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    The bodies within the Committee:

    • the General Assembly;
    • the Board of Directors;
    • the Chairman of the General Assembly;
    • the Chairman of the Board of Directors;
    • the Director General;
    • the Board of Auditors;
    • the Internal Evaluation Committee.

    The Assembly makes recommendations and oversees the execution and the realization of the institutional goals, as per the Constituent Act of the Committee, and delegates its powers to the Board of Directors.

    The Board of Directors is the Committee executive body, it is chaired by the Mayor of the City of Taranto and six members sit on the board.

    The Director General is appointed by the Board of Directors, has executive, operational and management powers, and coordinates the Operating Staff consisting of the Managers for the Areas of Operation.

    The Board of Auditors is appointed by the General Assembly, audits book-keeping activities and checks financial statements. 

    The Internal Evaluation Committee is appointed by the Board of Directors and is in charge of strategic monitoring and management control, pursuant to the implementing regulation.