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    Grandi eventi

    Extraordinary General Assembly of the ICMG – International Committee of Mediterranean Games in Taranto 11th and 12th November 2022

    November 13, 2022

    On the 11th and 12th of November, Taranto hosted the Extraordinary General Assembly of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG).

    A significant choice of the Ionian capital which in June 2026 will host the 20th edition of the great sporting event: a moment of attention for the work launched by the Organizing Committee.
    The International Assembly, chaired by ICMG President Davide TIZZANO, brought together the International Committee and the delegates of the Olympic Committees of the 26 participating countries. On the first day, the program previewed the inauguration of the new office centre of the Taranto Organizing Committee 2026 in the City Hall, inaugurated by the Mayor of Taranto Rinaldo MELUCCI, together with the Director-General Elio SANNICANDRO in the presence of the Honorary President of ICMG Amar ADDADI and the Vice President of ICGM Mehrez BOUSSAYENE in addition to the delegates of the International Committee.

    In the afternoon at the Salina Hotel after the meeting of the Executive Bureaux, the delegates of the ICMG met with the 2026 Taranto Organizing Committee which illustrated the progress of the activities. Then the president of the CIJM Athletes Commission was elected. The first working day ended with a welcome dinner at the Mon Reve Resort.
    On Saturday morning, November 12th, the Extraordinary General Assembly was held in the presence
    of delegates from the 26 Mediterranean countries at the Officer’s Club of the Navy.
    The activities have been opened formally by the Mayor of Taranto with the Secretary of the Italian Olympic Committee and the President of the ICMG Tizzano.

    In the afternoon the delegates visited the City and the National Archaeological Museum MArTA, which among other things also houses the famous Tomb of the Athlete of Taranto (about 490 B.C.) and follow the Pala Mazzola, one of the central plants for the development of the XX Games in Taranto.
    The assembly is in fact also an important moment of running-in of the organizational machine: for the
    the appointment there was a first group of 40 volunteers consisting of young students, selected from the main High Schools of Taranto, which in recent days have followed a short training course organized by the Sports School of the Italian Olympic Committee.