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    International Notice of the architectural design of the Olympic Pool of Taranto

    January 26, 2023

    After defining in detail the functional and dimensional aspects of the Taranto Olympic Pool and carrying out the necessary archaeological tests to determine its precise location in the area overlooking the Torre D’Ayala and facing the sea, today the contest notice has been published for the search for a design of international the level that allows integrating of a modern image and high architectural quality with the territorial and landscape context redefining and marking the waterfront of Taranto a head of the 2026 Mediterranean Games.
    The pool will overlook the Taranto Mar Grande and will allow swimming in the pool but also in open water: Above all, it will be an architectural sign visible from the sea.

    The project represents a flag plant for the event and the city and will be a reference point for Italian swimming. The notice was published in the Official Journal and on the platform design contest by the Organizing Committee TA2026.

    The contest will develop on the basis of the preliminary project, drawn up by the regional agency ASSET Puglia, with which the functional spaces, the dimensioning and the design criteria of the swimming facility based on eco-sustainability have been identified, on energy self-sufficiency and technological innovation. National and international design groups will be able to participate, demonstrating high professionalism and experience in the architectural and landscape field. The Chrono program previews a first phase that will be concluded first March 2023; then by March 10th, the international commission appointed by the Organizing Committee will select the best five proposals admitted to the second project phase, which will end on April 9th with the presentation of architectural projects. On 14th April, the final ranking will be published and the winning group will be announced which will have to submit the complete technical-economic feasibility project preparatory to the works contract by 23 rd June.

    The Swimming Stadium provides the possibility of holding international events thanks to two pools of 50 meters, one indoor and the other outdoor, in addition to support services for athletes and for the public with a differentiation of paths. The position facing the sea and the urban location requires a thorough study of landscape insertion and an architectural quality that minimizes the environmental impact characterizing the waterfront with an iconic sign that constitutes a positive legacy for the city of Taranto.

    “For this so important plant – emphasizes Rinaldo Melucci, mayor of Taranto, and the Organizing Committee of the XX Games – we expect a wide and qualified contribution to the project at the height of what the Games represent for Taranto. We are not talking about a simple event limited in time, but an opportunity that will leave the territory with a lasting legacy and capable of expressing long-term benefits, especially for our young swimming champions such as Benedetta Pilato and Luca Serio but we hope it for all the many guys who will want to replicate the exploits.
    The Swimming Stadium will be a valuable element of regeneration that, through other initiatives, will
    involve the entire city prospectus on the Mar Grande, making Taranto a reference for the pool sports of the whole South. This announcement moreover shows how much the entire administrative machine is
    concentrated on the objective of the realization of the masterplan in time for 2026, erasing any kind of
    speculation that we leave to those who are poorly used to working seriously for the good of the
    Ends Vincenzo Di Gregorio, regional Councillor delegate to the XX Mediterranean Games: “The Swimming Stadium is one of the great works included in the Masterplan of Taranto2026. A prestigious
    infrastructure that will improve the level of sports equipment not only in Puglia but throughout Southern
    Italy. The time available is tight that’s why it is necessary the maximum engagement of the technical and
    administrative structures. However, at the same time, the political component must be solid and cohesive.
    As delegate councillor from President Michele Emiliano, I am already at work for the good success of this
    important appointment. In a meeting held in recent days, we traced the main steps of the approach to the Games; 2023 will be an important year to define a series of interventions and procedures prior to the
    opening of the yards”.

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