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    Grandi eventi

    On July 7th at the Festival del Libro Possibile of Polignano the talk “Italy and the Mediterranean, the Role of the Taranto Games 2026”

    July 7, 2023

    The Mediterranean Games Taranto 2026 is under the spotlight of the festival Il Libro Possibile the
    great international festival from 5th to 7th July 2023 in the first stage of Polignano a Mare.

    Friday, July 7th at 7.30 pm in Piazza San Benedetto held a talk dedicated to the XX Mediterranean Games Taranto 2026. The meeting has been moderated by the director of TG Norba Television Enzo Magistà, with the presence of the Taranto city council member Mattia Giorno, and the director general Taranto 2026 Elio Sannicandro.
    In the splendid setting of the prestigious festival the important role of a great sporting event such as the
    Mediterranean Games has been deepened which in three years will bring 4000 athletes from 26 countries,
    a lever for development not only from the point of view of sports facilities and tourism, with the important projects of the Masterplan of the 20th edition, but also from the economic and geopolitical point of view renewing Taranto in its ancient role of an epicenter of the Mare Nostrum as the capital of Magna Grecia. An important piece of the wider rebirth of the city that now offers a new vision of identity development aimed at strengthening the identity of Mediterranean culture.