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    Taranto 2026 in Podgorica for the debriefing on Oran 2022 XIX Mediterranean Games

    April 23, 2023

    The TA2026 Organizing Committee chaired by the Mayor of Taranto Rinaldo Melucci took part in
    the debriefing seminar of the XIX Mediterranean Games of Oran 2022 organized by the
    International Committee of the Mediterranean Games and the National Olympic Committee of
    Montenegro from 21 st to 23rd April in Podgorica.

    The event was attended together with the members of the CIJM, more than 60 representatives of
    the National Olympic Committees, the International Sports Federations together with the
    delegations of the Organizing Committees “Oran 2022”, “Heraklion 2023” and “Taranto 2026” in
    the presence of the Minister of Sport and Youth of Montenegro, Vasilije Lalosevic.
    CIJM Secretary General Iakovos Filippousis moderated the proceedings which mainly concerned
    the performance of the XIX ed. of the Mediterranean Games of July 2022.

    Oran 2022
    From the final report on Oran 2022 presented by the President of the Organizing Committee
    Mohamed Aziz Derouaz, the positive legacy that the games have left to the city and to Algeria in
    terms of structures also in sporting level and in the fields of the formation of the human resources,
    logistics infrastructures, volunteering and culture has been evinced, with an extraordinary
    participation of the Algerian people. Some numbers: 3251 participating athletes from 26
    Mediterranean countries in 24 sports competing in 30 sports facilities. About 700 referees and
    judges and 1863 coaches participated, as well as administrative and medical personnel. 19 records
    have been beat in athletics, swimming and shooting, while women’s boxing, the 18 Olympic
    weightlifting events and mixed shooting events have been held for the first time. 4324 volunteers
    contributed to the success of the Games, 600 hours of television broadcasting.

    Taranto 2026
    Referring to the next edition of Taranto 2026 the Secretary of the CIJM then informed about the
    decisions of the CIJM of which the most relevant concern:
    – the inclusion of all sports in the Olympic category programme;
    – the growth of women’s sports;
    – the inclusion of Finswimming in the program of the disciplines of the Mediterranean
    – the return of rowing in the program;
    – the agreement on doping controls.
    During the meeting the Mayor Melucci has introduced the new structures that will be realized to
    Taranto like the Stadium of the swimming and the remaking of the Jacovone Stadium and, the
    General Director of the Organizing Committee, Sannicandro has emphasized that the Games of the
    Mediterranean “Taranto 2026” will respect all the criteria of environmental, social and economic