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    Grandi eventi

    Volleyball, Quadrangular 2 Seas Tournament. Italy, Netherlands, Tunisia, and Japan welcomed in Taranto. The Italian CT Fanizza: “Excellent organization here”

    July 4, 2023

    From June 27th the collegiate of the Blues is underway: a new test event organized by Taranto 2026 Committee in collaboration with Italian FIPAV

    “This is quite intense period for the National team and we are very satisfied with the work we are doing.
    We are constantly interacting with Technical Commissioner De Giorgi and the progress we are making is
    clear. Puglia is now consolidated in organizing these international volleyball events. We must, of course,
    continue to do better and not be satisfied. I am convinced that even for this quadrangular the Apulian
    public will not miss its contribution”. This is the coach of the Italian national volleyball team, Vincenzo
    , in the morning organized meeting in the Hall of Mirrors of the City of Taranto, to accommodate the four national men’s volleyball teams of Italy, Netherlands, Tunisia, and Japan, from this afternoon in the quadrangular “International Tournament of the Two Seas”. During the meeting were also illustrated the details of the tournament – with double daily races, at PalaMazzola and closing on the 6th at the Palasport of Francavilla Fontana – included in the collegiate that the Italian national team started at PalaMazzola on June 27th. The entire event is curated by the Taranto 2026 Organizing Committee in collaboration with FIPAV chaired by Giuseppe Manfredi is also an important test event for the Mediterranean Games Taranto 2026.
    To welcome Fanizza with captain Francesco Recine and the delegations of the other three selections were
    the municipal councilor for Sport Gianni Azzaro, the director of the Committee Taranto 2026 Elio Sannicandro, the mayor of Francavilla Fontana Antonello Denuzzo and the presidents of FIPAV regional and provincial, respectively Paolo Indiveri and Agostino Greco. The collegiate and International Tournament are therefore a new test event for the Taranto Committee 2026 which returns to run the organizational machine in terms of logistics, transport, and hospitality thanks to the valuable work of volunteers, of the regional and provincial federation Fipav and the Municipality of Taranto.

    The program:
    July 4th, PalaMazzola: 5.30pm Japan-Tunisia, 8.30pm Italy-Holland
    July 5th, PalaMazzola: 5.30pm Holland-Tunisia; 8.30pm Italy-Japan
    July 6th, Palasport Francavilla Fontana: 5.30 pm Holland-Japan; 8.30: Italy-Tunisia

    All Italian matches will be streamed live on the YouTube channel of the Italian Volleyball Federation:

    The statements

    Gianni Azzaro: “On behalf of the entire administration and the mayor Rinaldo Melucci, I am very pleased to welcome to Taranto the four national teams that are offering and will offer, to fans and not, a show of
    enormous sporting value. These days we are breathing that air of enthusiasm and competition that will
    mark Taranto in 2026 when the Mediterranean Games will meet the expectations that we have cultivated
    and will cultivate in these years. The city is ready and welcoming, and above all, it is eager to be an international reference for high-level sports: these test events are offering us the opportunity to live this experience in preview, cultivating those healthy values that are typical of competitive sports.
    Elio Sannicandro: “For the Taranto 2026 Committee the collegial of Italvolley and the international quadrangular are an important test, Taranto wants to become a reference point of Federvolley also for future international events. The test events in the several sports disciplines present at the Mediterranean Games are crucial not only to promote the Mediterranean Games of 2026 but in particular to verify the
    organizational machine in all its aspects. The goal of the Committee is to involve the various national and
    regional sports federations to test the sports venues of the Olympic event. At the base of the organizational effort there is the involvement of the municipalities included in the Masterplan of the Games, the youth population, the sharing of the aggregate values of sport, and the promotion of the territory of Taranto”.
    Paolo Indiveri: “Hosting the Italian national team in Puglia is a great pride. In addition to the Organizing
    Committee of the Mediterranean Games are giving us a big hand in the major realities of volleyball territory, namely the Gioiella Prisma Taranto and the Vipo Store Francavilla; to them, I say thank you. I expect an important presence from the Apulian public even if the heat does not help us. There is a great desire to see important athletes on our national team. I expect a lot of enthusiasm and passion. The real engine of the organization is the volunteers of both Fipav and the Committee of the Mediterranean Games: they are the soul of these events. Without the volunteers and the various collaborators, it becomes difficult to put on such a machine. Thanks to them we will certainly make a good impression: and we in Puglia are used to doing it”.