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  • Bodies
  • Functions
  • Contacts
  • History of the Games and Editions
  • Participating Countries
  • Taranto Candidature
  • Sports
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  • Organization Chart

    Organizing Committee

    The organization of the Games is mandated to the Organizing Committee, which is registered as a legal entity, has its own statute and is constituted according to the directions of the Executive Committee of the International Committee of the Mediterranean Games (ICMG EC). The following figures sit at the directive and executive board of the Organizing Committee

    • The Mayor of the City of Taranto;
    • President of Apulia Region;
    • Government delegate for Sport;
    • Chairman of the Italian National Olympic Committee (Comitato Olimpico Nazionale Italiano, CONI);
    • Officials from local institutions.
    General Assembly
    Board of directors
    Anti-corruption and transparency officier

    (Independent Assessment Body)

    General Manager

    General Business
    Legal Business

    Technical Secretariat
    Financial and Legal Area
    • Finance
    • Contracts
    • Purchases
    • Suppliers
    • Tickets
    Institutional Area
    • Relations with the International Committee
    • Foreign Countries
    • Protocols
    • Permits
    • Local authorities
    Sporting Area
    • Ceremonial
    • Organization of competitions and award ceremony
    • Technicians and referees
    • Sports equipment and fittings
    • Sports staff
    • Timing and scoring
    • Relations with national and international sports federations
    Marketing and Communication Area
    • Sponsor
    • Media relations
    • Information Technology
    • Merchandising
    Support Services Area
    • Volunteers
    • Doctors
    • Accreditations
    Mediterranean Village Area
    • Accomodations
    • Information Technology
    • Accomodation Services
    • Catering
    • Internal transports
    Competition Venues Area
    • Design and construction of sport facilities
    • Fittings
    • Technologies
    Logistic And Sustainability Area
    • Transport
    • Logistics
    • Goods
    • Waste management
    • Enviroment
    Security Area
    • Security services
    • Sites monitoring