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    At a glance, Taranto releases the energy of its great historical heritage, intertwining with its sea and unfolding in the old town, among aristocratic mansions and underground treasures.

    Taranto is known as “the city between two seas”, its shores being washed by the so-called Mar Grande (the Wider Bay) and Mar Piccolo (the Smaller Sea Inlet); as such, this city has enjoyed a strategic position at important historical milestones.

    Ancient artefacts of enormous value are displayed at Museo Nazionale Archeologico di Taranto (MArTA); visitors can admire the famous Ori di Taranto collection of superb creations of local goldsmithing dating from the IV to II century b.C., as well as the vast collection of archaeological findings from the Ionian province.

    Taranto more recent history has unfolded along the two bridges linking the old town to the new town:  Ponte di pietra (the Stone Bridge) was built after the 1883 flood; Ponte girevole (the Swing Bridge) was inaugurated in 1887, it is a fascinating work of mechanical engineering and brings you to the maze of alleys and streets in the proximity of via Cava (Taranto High Street), where local shops thrive.

    In this isthmus of land, aristocratic mansions and churches from different times and different styles proudly stand, such as San Cataldo Cathedral, with a superimposition of Baroque elements onto its Romanic layout, or Duomo di San Domenico, with its distinctive gothic features.

    Taranto and its wider Ionian area submitted the candidature for hosting the 2026 Mediterranean Games with the aim of stimulating the renaissance of a wonderful land, where past decision-making on industrial development too often scarred its beauty and its potential in terms attractiveness, tourism, sports and territorial marketing.


    XX Mediterranean Games - Taranto 2026

    Apulian Heroes of sport - Taranto 2026