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    Grandi eventi

    Taranto 2026 to the European Parliament for the event “Taranto euro-med resilient city a new vision for Mediterranean”

    June 21, 2023

    Taranto will be the protagonist in Brussels from 26 th to 29 th of June with three days of events dedicated to the Mediterranean City’s central role, in the promotion of plans for correct transition and strategic
    development and, to the presentation of XX Mediterranean Games edition.

    Several events are scheduled including an Exhibition dedicated to the Territory, development projects and
    Mediterranean Games, two conferences at the European Parliament on the Games, on the main role of
    the Mediterranean and economic-environmental correct transition following the New Green Deal and a
    conference at the Italian Culture Institute on the enhancement of the prestigious cultural and historical
    heritage of the city.
    The goal is to host the city and territory of Taranto to Europe via ongoing strategic scheduling according to sustainable territorial development looking to the Mediterranean as an interesting area from which
    vision the planning of Taranto 2026 XX Mediterranean Games become.
    The event is planned on invitation and collaboration of the MEP Rosa D’Amato with the Taranto
    2026 Organizing Committee, Apulia Region and Municipality of Taranto.
    The program will see the attendance of many representatives of European and Italian institutions with
    the President of Apulia region Michele Emiliano, the MEP Rosa D’Amato, the Major of Taranto Rinaldo
    Melucci and the CEO TA2026 Elio Sannicandro.
    The exhibition opening “Taranto l’eredità di Tremila anni di Storia” is scheduled for Tuesday 27th June at h 6,00 pm at the Spinelli Buiding of the European Parliament. Among the contents exposed, in addition to
    the story of the development projects and the XX Mediterranean Games edition will be illustrated the
    Ionian Territory and the treasures of the cultural heritage of Taranto preserved at the National
    Archaeological Museum MarTa, those in the custody of the National Superintendence for Cultural Diving
    Heritage with a focus on the history of Athleticism in classical antiquity through the heroic Tarantini
    athletes of the ancient Panathenaic up to the Olympic champions of our day pride of our land.
    On the morning of Tuesday 28th June at 10.00 am is scheduled the Conference in the European Parliament dedicated to the central role of Taranto in the Mediterranean, the importance of international cooperation with the countries of the area for the development of projects of economic and geopolitical interest also through the organization of a major event such as the XX Mediterranean Games.
    On the afternoon of Tuesday 28th June at 7.00 pm, guests of the Institute of Italian Culture in Brussels is
    expected the meeting entitled Taranto Through the Centuries from Capital of Magna Grecia to the XX
    Mediterranean Games during which in addition to illustrating the organization of the Games
    will be hosted projects enhancement of the historical-cultural heritage and the experimental research
    project about the reconstruction of an ancient boat of the classical age, in collaboration with the University of Marseille.
    The event will end on the morning of Thursday 29 th June at 09.00 at the European Parliament with the last meeting dedicated to economic and environmental development through the essential projects of the JTF Territorial Action Plan, the European fund dedicated to the sustainable transition of European territories in implementation of the European Green Deal and the regional project of Puglia Hydrogen Valley.